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The perfect time to have Glowla in for a visit is when your child's tooth is very wiggly, a few days before the tooth comes out. Glowla may be able to arrive the day of or the day after the tooth falls out, based on availability.

The Best time to invite Glowla over is around bedtime when your little one is brushing their teeth or ready for a bed time story. 


Booking is easy. Follow the prompt on the "Book The Fairy Page" and choose which experience you would like to purchase. 
Once Your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email and a phone call from Glowla. 


you will receive a call from Glowla to discuss all the details, answer questions, and plan logistics together. As each visit is customizable, Glowla loves to incorporate any magical ideas or cultural traditions that you have around losing a tooth, so be sure to share this on the call. 

tooth fairy arrives

Glowla can make her entrance a few different ways. Either you and your little one can greet her when she rings the doorbell, or you can sneak her inside while your child is washing up before bed. Glowla will discuss options with you on the call, and be in communication with you via text about exact arrival.

meet and Greet

Once inside, Glowla will proceed to introduce herself to you and your child, engaging them with fairy facts, fairy dust (bio-friendly glitter), questions, answers, and of course examine the tooth! Then Glowla will perform her monologue, the story about how she became the tooth fairy all those years ago. 

Story, Magic & Music

Glowla will share her tale about the tooth trees she plants and saving the environment! She will incorporate some discrete magic tricks, and sing a wiggly tooth celebration lullaby on her Ukulele. Lastly, she will give your child a keepsake, a handmade tooth box with a trinket inside. Glowla will then say farewell, for she has many teeth to collect, but she’ll be “back” to collect your tooth tooth when it falls out. 

Either upon arrival or before leaving, Glowla will give the grownup a handwritten note to put under the pillow the night the tooth comes out. They will have already received a gift in the tooth box, it is up to you if you’d like to leave money or not. If the visit happens after the tooth comes out, Glowla will give your child the option of giving the tooth to her, but some children like to keep their teeth, Glowla understands that.