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Glowla is my fairy name. I am a young fairy, only Two Hundred and Eighty-Two (that's Twenty-Three in human years), but I have had some amusing adventures! I once took a grow potion to make me human sized, so that I could navigate the bustle of LA life.

 I wear a dress of tulle and petals,  and atop my head a flower crown. I carry a magic silver wand, adorned with a porcelain tooth and a crystal. In my satchel, I keep a tiny book, magical delights, and gift boxes for the children I visit. I am charming, whimsical, and very curious about humans. I love to share the story of when I planted a baby tooth, and with a little fairy magic,  the root of the tooth grew into a beautiful tree, providing fairies with a place to live. Now I plant tooth trees everywhere, and with the help of children, we make sure that there are plenty of trees for the fairies of Los Angeles, ensuring that magic is all around you.

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    My name is Sara Newman, also known as the LA Tooth Fairy. 
    I grew up in the Berkshires of Western, MA., where as a child, I made friends with the flower fairies in our beautiful English garden. I believed they were real, and to this day, I still do. 

    WHY create The LA Tooth Fairy? As an actor, I have experience in Children's Theater and have always loved entertaining kids. In our fast-paced world, kids grow up so quickly. I want to be someone who helps preserve the magic of childhood, just a little longer.
    We know the story of Santa Claus, but little is known about the Tooth Fairy. I wrote Glowla's story in hopes that she will be woven into our mythology, with an environmental message. Playing Glowla brings me the utmost joy. I look forward to bringing that same delight to you and your family!

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